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Environmentally friendly design since 1985


The story of Private Case began in 1985, when architect and industrial designer Ari Korolainen couldn’t find a suitable briefcase to carry his drawings in, and decided to make one himself. This was the beginning for a collection which soon increased with other product categories. Recycled cardboard was chosen as the main material because of its sustainability and pleasant feel. Later, recycled leather was introduced as a new material. The new material enabled designing and making of entirely new kinds of products.

After over 30 working years, Private Case changed owner on August 1st, 2018. Jouni and Päivi Mikkonen started as new owners of the company. By coincidence, on the same day it was reported that the Earth had used up its renewable resources for the year and would be living in debt for the rest of the year.

The new entrepreneurs have a long, partly shared history behind them. In 1998, Mikkonen’s family moved abroad and examined the opportunity for Private Case to expand into a new continent. However, the time was not yet ripe for it, but the idea of Private Case products remained in the mind of the entrepreneur couple. “One day we want to be involved in Private Case’s story, if possible”, recalls Jouni Mikkonen.





The new entrepreneurs continue to develop the Private Case brand with new enthusiasm while respecting its history. The product range has been modernized and new ecological materials have been added. To support its growth plan, the company’s visual identity has been updated and the company has moved to new premises.

“Our goal is to continue to design high quality, sustainable products by investing ever more in sustainable development”, says Mikkonen.

We at Private Case want to support a sustainable and organized daily life by providing people with products made from environmentally friendly materials that we have designed and manufactured ourselves.

Unlimited Notes recycled cardboard notebooks.

Recycled materials

Private Case ”Eco luxe” products are made sustainably of recycled materials, with the smallest possible carbon footprint. All products are made in Finland. The materials used including cardboard, paper and leather are carefully selected, certified recycled materials. The manufacturing process of the raw-materials strives to cause minimal environmental impact. By using Private Case “Eco luxe” products, you do less harm to the environment without having to compromise functionality and style!

Finnish expertise

All Private Case products are designed and made in Hollola with local workforce. The products are handmade responsibly and sustainably with over thirty years of experience. The products have been granted the Key Flag symbol as a sign of Finnish work.

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