Private Case has been a pioneer in combining recycled, ecological materials with high-quality design. In 1985 when the company was founded, the first material used to create products was recycled cardboard. Today, recycled leather is also widely used.

Recycled leather

Recycled leather is made from the leftovers from shoe and bag manufacturers. Leather strips are first ground into fine leather pulp and mixed with a binding agent. The pulp is then pressed into a recycled leather sheet. Brightly coloured leathers have a colour coating, but natural brown and grey shades are used without such a finish.

Recycled cardboard

Cardboard is particularly suited for briefcases for drawings, storage boxes and packages. Recycled cardboard is highly durable and environmentally-friendly, and it has a pleasant, natural feel.

Polypropylene (PP)

Recyclable polypropylene (PP) is resilient, lightweight and easy to mould. It is highly suitable for packages and holders, for instance.


Finnish birch plywood is used for instance on notebook covers. Laser cut designs can be used to decorate the surface.


Cork is a versatile, natural and renewable material. Many of the familiar Private Case products are now also available with a cork surface.