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Stand out with colours, different printing methods, company logos or by adding your own pages.
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Punching involves shearing texts and patterns and forming objects.
It offers an alternative way of highlighting the company’s logo and colours just by changing the background paper.
Punching is a suitable method with all materials used by us.


Sophisticated and luxurious, embossing is a method of creating raised or recessed relief images. The method is suitable for regenerated leather and recycled cardboard products. Embossing is also cost-efficient: a company’s correctly measured embossing slab is suitable for many different products.

Silk screen and film printing

Traditional and durable yet always elegant silk screen and film printing is a method that is most suitable for recycled cardboard, regenerated leather and cork products. The most durable results are achieved in monochrome products, but multi-coloured printing is also possible.

Unique. Timeless. Finnish.

To us, design means creative problem solution and timeless and durable ways to make your everyday life easier. The products designed by us are made from high-quality and responsibly produced materials for everyday use. All of our products are designed and made in Finland, which is why we have been awarded the Design from Finland and Key Flag symbols.