Private Case

Towards a more ecological and structured daily life.


When stylish Nordic design meets individual user experience and respect for the environment, good things are bound to happen. Appealing streamlined design, individuality and environmental friendliness have been our common thread since 1985, when the first Private Case cases were designed for architects. Since then, countless companies and consumers have been able to enjoy the attractive cases designed by professionals to make your daily life more structured. Private Case products are hand-made in Finland from high-quality recycled materials.


Private Case products are made in Finland from recycled materials with a minimal carbon footprint according to the principles of sustainable development. The cardboard, paper and leather used in the products are carefully selected certified recycled and regenerated materials. Minimal environmental impact has been taken into account in the manufacturing of these materials.

Finnish expertise

All Private Case products are designed and made in Tampere and Lahti with local labour. The products are handcrafted responsibly and sustainably, with more than thirty years of experience. The products have been awarded the Key Flag and Design from Finland symbols by the Association for Finnish Work.


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